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On October 1, 2015, Ford Motor Company obtained a defense verdict in a personal injury case before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in which the Plaintiff alleged that asbestos-containing Ford gaskets he encountered in the 1970s while employed as an engine remanufacturer caused his pleural mesothelioma. Plaintiff also alleged that the plant where he was employed was a Ford-authorized engine remanufacturer. While Plaintiff conceded he also encountered asbestos while in the Navy, he maintained that using a pneumatic grinder to remove gaskets from Ford engine cylinder heads at the remanufacturing plant caused his illness. Following a two week trial, including approximately six hours of deliberations, the jury unanimously rejected Plaintiffs’ negligence and strict liability claims, rendering a verdict for Ford. Paul Lankford and Mark Hilliard of Lankford Crawford Moreno & Ostertag LLP represented Ford, along with Daniel K. Reising of Fucile & Reising LLP of Portland, OR. Plaintiffs were represented by Matthew Bergman and Chandler Udo of the firm Bergman Draper Landenburg PLLC of Seattle, WA.