Toxic Tort, Product Liability, Commercial Litigation, Estate and Probate Planning and Litigation

Practice Areas

Defense Practice

The attorneys at Lankford Crawford Moreno & Ostertag, LLP have successfully defended a wide array of product liability and toxic tort actions, including claims of exposure to asbestos, benzene, fiberglass, arsenic, methanol, ozone, other fibers and chemicals, groundwater contamination claims, medical device claims, premises liability claims, and other product defect claims. Read more

National and Regional Docket Management Practice

The firm currently serves as national asbestos litigation counsel for Ford Motor Company and General Motors. The firm also serves as Ford’s national counsel for benzene matters. In these capacities, the firm has been responsible for overseeing and directing the defense of thousands of personal injury and wrongful death claims in more than thirty states.  Read more

Toxic Tort & Products Liability

The firm offers their services in the areas of: Asbestos personal injury, Chemical exposure, Diet and herbal product defect, Fiber inhalation, Groundwater contamination…Read more

Commercial Litigation

The firm currently specializes in the areas of: Breach of fiduciary duty, Business dissolutions, Consumer fraud and consumer protection issues, Contract disputes… Read more

Estate Planning

No matter what your age, marital status, or financial wealth, if you have assets, you should have an estate plan in the event of your death or incapacitation. When you meet with an attorney at Lankford Crawford Moreno & Ostertag LLP, they will help you decide the best way to develop an estate plan to best suit your priorities, resources, and responsibilities. Read more

Probate & Trust Administration

Regardless of whether your loved one passed away with a trust, a will, or without specifying their wishes, Lankford Crawford Moreno & Ostertag LLP can help you during your time of need. Read more

Trust & Probate Litigation

Probate litigation is a complex and unique area of law. Not only are the firm’s attorneys seasoned trial lawyers with many years of experience in the probate courts, they are extremely knowledgeable in the particular issues that arise in this domain such as: disputes over a will, trust, power of attorney, the administration of an estate or trust, or the appointment of a conservator or guardian. Read more