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Cannabis Law

LCMO’s experience advising clients on business formation and litigation, especially as those disciplines relate to heavily regulated industries such as the cannabis industry, uniquely qualifies LCMO to counsel clients in numerous areas of cannabis law. For clients focused on beginning or maintaining state-legal cannabis operations, LCMO offers counsel to clients navigating the emerging and changing landscape of state cannabis regulation. LCMO offers services to clients interested in interpreting and complying with laws and regulations governing cannabis growth, distribution, finance, sale, and ordering. Further, LCMO’s attorneys are licensed in states with burgeoning state-legal cannabis industries like California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. As such, LCMO’s attorneys are committed to assisting clients in the following ways:

  • Advice regarding state laws and regulations
  • Assistance with obtaining licensure, permits, and other real estate or real property matters related to cannabis;
  • Structuring supply chains and contracts with third parties; and
  • Counseling in cannabis-related insurance matters.