Product and Personal Injury Litigation

The attorneys at LCMO have successfully defended a wide array of wrongful death and personal injury claims rooted in product liability, toxic tort, and vehicle and equipment related accidents. We have experience in actions involving claims of negligence, including negligent driving, defectively manufactured or designed products, including vehicles, vehicle components (tires, brakes, clutches, gaskets), machinery, medical devices, sporting goods and other products. LCMO also has expertise defending and assessing the risk of wrongful death and personal injury matters involving exposures to products containing asbestos, benzene, fiberglass, arsenic, methanol, and ozone, among others. We have represented individuals and numerous companies across the country in multiple industries, including those that manufacture and distribute heavy equipment, appliances, boilers, semiconductors, automobiles, ships, aviation products, insulation products and marine equipment. This also includes representing contractor and premises defendants.

In addition to LCMO’s extensive trial experience, the firm also prides itself on our negotiation skills. LCMO has a well-established and constructive rapport with the primary plaintiffs’ firms that file asbestos and benzene cases nationally.