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Paul Lankford and Mark Hilliard obtain benzene defense verdict for client in Beaufort County, South Carolina trial.

On November 9, 2017, following a two-week trial, Paul Lankford, Mark Hilliard and their team, obtained a defense verdict in Beaufort County, South Carolina in a case in which Plaintiffs alleged that benzene in LCMO’s client’s petroleum-based products caused Plaintiff’s multiple myeloma. Notably, Plaintiff had worked as a career automotive mechanic for more than thirty years at Ford dealerships, and it was undisputed that the Plaintiff used LCMO’s client’s (and others’) products on a daily basis during this 30+ year period. After aggressively cross-examining Plaintiffs’ experts, and presenting the jury with extensive scientific evidence in the disciplines of epidemiology, risk assessment, and industrial hygiene, along with evidence about the regulatory history of OSHA’s benzene standard, the jury concluded in less than two hours that LCMO’s client’s products did not cause the Plaintiff’s multiple myeloma. Plaintiffs’ experts included Drs. Infante (epidemiology), Durie (specific causation of multiple myeloma) and Vance (industrial hygiene). LCMO’s client presented experts Drs. Morton Corn (regulatory history), Pamela Williams (industrial hygiene and risk assessment), and David Garabrant (epidemiology).